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Enjoy your stay anywhere in the select camping areas!

Story behind the grounds:

Over 20 years ago our founders, Alejandro and Ana Harding, came to Cabarete to enjoy the beach life in a place where there was 90% nature and 10% man-made. They had two kids and left the country for a better education while the land they owned stayed with family and friends. Fast forward to today, the difference in the ratio of land to man-made got closer, bringing more people and bigger commercial buildings. We want people to experience how Cabarete was 20 years ago so we stay small and offer a huge terrain with lots of wildlife to fill that need. Bathrooms and showers are offered on the grounds for your convenience. We also offer Lunch and Breakfast right on the grounds. Taste traditional dominican and chilean cuisine. If you are craving something specific, our chefs also take requests! Put up a tent anywhere on  the beatiful terrain in any of the designated camp areas, or hang a hammock. Designated cooking areas, outdoor showers, and bathrooms. If you have ever lain in a hammock you know just how comfortable and chill they make you feel. They make great for so many things and one of those is sleeping. It’s actually proven that sleeping in a hammock, the proper way, is more beneficial for your body as there are no pressure points! After reading this we decided that a hammock option is a must have. You can book a spot online at https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/21997138?preview_for_ml


At Cabarete Camping Club we offer more then just camping. We also have multiple rooms, bunk beds, or a villa for you to rent. For those who feel more comfortable sleeping indoors or would just like the extra comodity we offer these various options

Villa Rosada

Our Villa Rosada offers 1 private room with a queen size bed, a bunk room with 4 single beds, and a shared bathroom, kitchen, and out door common area. Rent out a bed, a room , or the entire villa!

Seahorse Studio

Looking to stay more long term? Rent out our studio apartment. Kitchen, bathroom, Queen bed, and outside porch area with a gorgeous view of our permaculture garden.


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